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We bring Magic, Data Science and Big Data
Analysis to Amazon PPC management for

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  • Decreasing ACoS
  • Increasing profit Margin

Apply a master PPC Management and Listing Optimization approach to your listings on Amazon to be in the 1% club of the sellers that knows how to control their

With that being said, PPC is an integral part of your
success in Amazon marketplace

Amazon loves the listings that drive PPC traffic and encourages them more in terms of product rankings.

There are 2 major goals that you can achieve with proper PPC management.

  • Product Rankings
  • Profitable Sales
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Why it is SO important to have the most optimized
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This is where 99% of the Amazon Sellers fails. Yes, you read that correctly. Only 1% of Amazon sellers know what they are doing, how things work and how to be in the 1% club of Amazon Sellers. And the biggest secret of success on Amazon is in your product listing.