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Product listing is the very MAIN, CORE and THE
MOST IMPORTANT ASSET of your Amazon business.
Read that again.

Why do you think it does make sense to invest $10,000.00 in PPC at 40% ACoS and it doesn’t makes sense to invest $2,000.00 in your product listing first to make ACoS 20%?
Read that again.

99% of Amazon sellers just don’t get it…

Take a look at these 3 options and then answer just 1 simple question:

Metrics Option #1 Option #2 Option #3 Comments
Monthly PPC clicks 900 900 900 If your product is getting 900 PPC clicks per month
CPC (Cost per Click), $ $1 $1 $1 and the Cost per Click is $1
Listing Conversion Rate, % 10% 25% 33% Depends on the Images your listing could have a different Conversion rate
Clicks to generate Sale 10 4 3 Depends on the listing conversion rate it might take a different number of PPC clicks to generate a sale
Sales, units 90 units 225 units 397 units Depends on the listing conversion rate you will have a different number of sales from the same number of clicks that your listing gets
Product Price, $ $25 $27 $29 The better the listing looks in terms of images and content, the higher the price you could sell your product for
PPC Spend, $ $10 $4 $3 The higher the conversion rate the lower the Ad spend your listing will have
ACoS 40% 15% 10% The lower the Ad spend, the Lower PPC ACoS
Total Revenue, $ $2,250 $6,075 $8,613 The better the listing conversion rate, the more revenue you will generate
Net of Ad Spend Revenue, $ $1,350 $6,175 $7,722 The more revenue you will generate with less Ad Spent, the more profits you will earn

The difference between 33% listing conversion rate and 10% listing conversion rate is $6,372.00 of pure cash-flow that you lose having bad and poor listing.

So now you understand that the number ONE factor that affects Sales, ACoS, Rankings, Business profitability is… VERY WELL OPTIMIZED LISTING.

LITERALLY, it does not make sense investing in external traffic campaigns, PPC and any other marketing ventures until you haven’t invested in your listing properly.

Now, we have a question for you.

Would you invest $2,000.00 to create the best listing in your niche knowing that these investments will return in 1-2 months and will be constantly generating additional sales revenue at low ACoS with the highest profit Margin possible over the next years to come?